School of Government



The Fort Hall School of Government training method is by and large competence based meaning that its curriculum places emphasis on the acquisition of skills, knowledge and attitude to effectively conduct tasks at the workplace. The School of Government employs what we refer to as active training methods. Simply defined, this is the process by which learners are actively engaged in the learning process. This approach is founded on two philosophies; one, that learning is an active endeavor and two, different learners have different ways of learning. Therefore, the purpose of this methodology is to involve participants in the learning process through varied techniques. These include inter alia case studies, role-plays, instructional games, simulations, writing tasks and other experiential activities.

Research has proven that active training methods boost acquisition and retention of knowledge and skills. Research also shows that this methodology results in higher levels of reasoning, frequent generation of solutions and greater transfer of what is learned from one situation to another. More specifically, the Fort Hall approach lays emphasis on cooperative learning. This approach is founded on the premise that people learn best in groups.

Majority of our training sessions are organized in groups that simulate real world scenarios found in many work set-ups and businesses. Through these small learning groups, learners are exposed to situations simulating important life lessons such as interdependence, conflict and change. Fort Hall also employs a meticulous approach in delivery. Our sessions are carefully planned and taught by skilled trainers who compose and arrange learning experiences. During training the trainer often transits from instructor to coach and mentor.

The principal outcome of this training method is real world application. The primary objective of Fort Hall training is to equip learners with practical skills that can be immediately and tangibly applied at the workplace. While at Fort Hall, learners will be able to simulate real life situations when learning new concepts and skills. Moreover, they will also be required to draft individual action plans, compelling them to think creatively about how they will apply their learning in the real world.

Fort Hall School of Government emphasizes methods that promote effective, cognitive and behavioral learning. This is reflected not just in the curricula and training techniques, it also includes the physical setting, which is set up in a way that is conducive to facilitate this type of learning.