About FSG

"Becoming is Better than Being"


Fort Hall College is a School of Practice. It is a School of skills, competence and culture. It is about creating a workforce of problem solvers. And this is why our training emphasis is not about finding a job. It is about finding work. If you can solve a problem, you will always find work.

Work is the purpose for which God created you; a Job is what you do before you find your purpose. But if you find work or your purpose, you will be the one creating jobs for others. As a School of Practice, therefore, we equip our students with tools of identifying problems and solving them. And this is what the marketplace is craving for.

Fort Hall College is also a School of Conversion. Our economy is full of people with degrees but no jobs or work. And this is because the degrees are for the most part abstract. They have no connection with the needs of the market. But at the Fort Hall College, we create this connection through conversion, re-skilling and re-training. Our Certificate courses are tailored to re-skill and re-train. But admission is not restricted to degree holders only.

The teaching methodology at the Fort Hall College is intimate. We do not lecture our students; we tutor them in small groups. This is the only way to pass on a skill. Similarly, we use a multi-disciplinary approach to training. Our faculty is made up of staff from various disciplines, trained in the best universities in Europe and Africa. Most of the staff members are going through conversion from one discipline to another as a way of enhancing their suitability for the market.

Fort Hall College is registered by the Kenya Government under the Technical and Vocational Training Authority (TVETA). And its Certificate Courses are accredited by the Kenya Government through the National Industrial Training Authority (NITA).

Currently, we have two operational schools. The Fort Hall School of Government and the Fort Hall Business School. Our Motto as a College is: “Evolutio Est Melius Quam Essentiae”. Translated into English this means “Becoming Is Better Than Being”. The Fort Hall philosophy affirms the conviction that our learners must “stay hungry and stay foolish” (Steve Jobs, 2005); that they must constantly challenge themselves by acquiring new knowledge and engaging with concepts from other academic disciplines.


Fort Hall College is Registered and Accredited by TVETA.